James Wendell Loftis

In Memory of the Beloved Husband, Father, Son, and Brother

His Life 
James was born September 17, 1956, in Denver, Colorado, the eldest son of Henry Loftis and Delores (Davis) Loftis.
James served in the U.S Army from October 1974-April 1976. James had an additional period of service in the U.S Navy from October 1978- May 1980. After serving in the Army and Navy, he came back to Denver, Colorado, where he resided for the remainder of his life. 
James was full of life, eccentric, strong (mentally and physically), family-oriented, and loved to laugh. James was known by many to be a martial arts expert, protector, enthusiast, and above all, a man with a heart of gold. Those who had the pleasure of meeting him would agree that he was a unique individual, captivating, to say the least, with a smile that could brighten the darkest of rooms. James was a cherished son, husband, father, grandfather, friend. His memory will carry on in the hearts of all those he encountered on his journey here on earth. 

James is survived by 7 children: Jimall Loftis (OK), Asterisk Loftis (AZ), Kieva Loftis (CO), Adora Loftis (CO), Dreggsand Loftis (CO), Dalen Loftis (VA), and Kalea Loftis (AZ). In addition, he leaves 14 grandchildren: Syncere, Daulphine, Alexandria, Jayvyn, Noelle, Demanuel, David, Noble, Ethan, Elijauah, Ezra, Ajani, El'Sarah, and baby Loftis to be. James is also survived by his former wife  and mother of his children Yolanda,  his father, Henry Loftis, and a host of close relatives and friends. 
James was preceded in death by his mother Delores, siblings: Sabin, Ben, Daryl, Richard, Edream, and Infant daughter LaDonna.
Weep Not For Me

Weep not for me though I have gone
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears 
For with your love, I was so blessed
For all those many years
There is no pain; I suffer not
The fear is now all gone
Put now these things out of your thoughts
In your memory, I live on
Remember not my fight for breath
Remember not the strife
Please do not dwell upon my death
But celebrate my life

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